This unique camp provides treatment for children, grades 3-6, with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It is tailored to each child’s behavior and emotional needs. The ultimate goal is to build on a child’s skills so he or she returns to school ready to succeed and functions successfully at home and in the community.

Each child receives an individually designed treatment plan, which is monitored and modified as necessary. The camp uses a combination of behavior modification techniques, recreation and art activities.

Goals of the camp include:

  • Enable the child to improve their interaction with other children.
  • Improve the child’s attending skills.
  • Develop the child’s abilities to follow through with instructions, complete tasks, and comply with adult requests.
  • Improve the child’s self-esteem by developing personal, recreational, and other daily life skills.

For more information, please contact CRC at 419.352-7588.